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2019 Building Up

Matters On Tomorrow focused on what we had existing in 2019. To strengthen our service offerings to each organization. It was fun to see each find their own story in the work they are doing. Rabble Mill – grew the team, grew those they were servicing and expanded to...

2018 Community Building

We put great efforts in 2017 to providing a platform for support services. To enable the weekend social entrepreneur – the do-gooder that wants to have a long term impact with those hours outside of their day job. Let me tell you about those we work with – A few...

Spring 2018 Registration

Another Exciting Year of Dancing Beyond Limits Begins!   An eight week adaptive dance session targeted for ages 5-21 You can pay by check or through PayPal: DancingBeyondLimits Tuition $40.00 USD Returning Dancer Costume $15.00 USD New Dancer Costume $30.00 USD Yoga...

2017 In Review

In 2016 we restructured the organization into 4 tiers to better understand the support MOT would provide. Also, to define what each group's needs were. This significantly helped me, personally, to understand the capacity of our resources and not over commit. 2017 has...

Spark4Change Giving Day

Spark4Change Rwanda is a grassroots movement started to provide Rwanda’s most vulnerable youth with the opportunity to take control of their own and their country’s future. Since beginning 7 years ago your gifts have blessed over 50 young adults to gain a high school...

DBL: Ways to Get Involved

Fall Classes:  Come ‘Shine!’ with us in our 5th year of Dancing Beyond Limits Dancing Beyond Limits presents two eight week adaptive dance sessions targeted for ages 5-21 Cost = $65 ($45 registration + $20 costume*) DBL Registration Omaha "Bella Dance" Troupe: ...

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