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2022’s Significant Moments of Impact

As we head into a new era with Matters On Tomorrow, I wanted to bring up two key points I believe we will take forward with us. 1) It just takes time 2) The moments that might seem inconsequential today are in fact significant in the long term My love of a good KPI,...

2021 Rebuilding Forward

Coming through the pandemic we knew we needed to focus on the future. So many of our communities had to come back together. Often in different ways than they were able to before.  Dancing Beyond Limits was able to begin meeting in person again. Sparks 4 Change Rwanda...

2020 Stronger Together

Matters On Tomorrow turned 12 this year. We’ve seen so much creativity and strength in each of our partners over this time but going through 2020 together took it to a new level. As we all adjusted to the realities of a pandemic there were many discussions and late...

2019 Building Up

Matters On Tomorrow focused on what we had existing in 2019. To strengthen our service offerings to each organization. It was fun to see each find their own story in the work they are doing. Rabble Mill – grew the team, grew those they were servicing and expanded to...

2018 Community Building

We put great efforts in 2017 to providing a platform for support services. To enable the weekend social entrepreneur – the do-gooder that wants to have a long term impact with those hours outside of their day job. Let me tell you about those we work with – A few...

Spring 2018 Registration

Another Exciting Year of Dancing Beyond Limits Begins!   An eight week adaptive dance session targeted for ages 5-21 You can pay by check or through PayPal: DancingBeyondLimits Tuition $40.00 USD Returning Dancer Costume $15.00 USD New Dancer Costume $30.00 USD Yoga...

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