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DBL: Ways to Get Involved

Fall Classes:  Come ‘Shine!’ with us in our 5th year of Dancing Beyond Limits Dancing Beyond Limits presents two eight week adaptive dance sessions targeted for ages 5-21 Cost = $65 ($45 registration + $20 costume*) DBL Registration Omaha "Bella Dance" Troupe: ...

8 Years Old & We’re Just Getting Started

    Yesterday morning I was up at daybreak for a video shoot. As I was standing behind the camera crew, listening to Angelo, the Executive Director of Guidance to Success Youth Club (GtS), talk about how far GtS has come and their growth as an organization I...

New Scholarship Announcement

Through our connections with the True Potential Scholarship which helps young immigrants attain affordable, quality education through the Nebraska Community College system, we are excited to announce our new partnership with the Nebraska Latino American Commission,...

True Potential 2016/2017 Scholarships

Young adults with Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) status are hardworking, have a track record of great performance in their educational careers and are looking to achieve at the collegiate level. But, these DACA students do not have access to federal or...

Zimbabwe Micro Grant Trial

In July 2014, Matters On Tomorrow was fortunate to take part in constructing school buildings in rural Zimbabwe. We believe that long lasting relationships truly produce change and community development, not one-off mission trips with limited time and impact. This is...

Give to Lincoln Day 2016

It is incredible to have the support of so many that on the 5th annual Give to Lincoln Day we were able to raise $24,675 in 24 hours! To put that in perspective; that amount takes the average American worker 6 months to earn. The average person in Rwanda it would take...

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