Coming through the pandemic we knew we needed to focus on the future. So many of our communities had to come back together. Often in different ways than they were able to before. 

  • Dancing Beyond Limits was able to begin meeting in person again.
  • Sparks 4 Change Rwanda had classes begin to meet again with the hopes that infection would stay down and this could be continued going forward.
  • True Potential still had classes virtually and awarded 23 new scholarships. 
  • Rabble Mill continued to grow and was stronger by their intentional efforts during this time.
  • Sadly, Summer Mission Camp could not recover from the two years of lost revenue and inability to get together. 

This is the most important part of the Matters On Tomorrow platform. No matter the amount of dollars, we are here for these community leaders throughout the challenges to discover a way. This often looks different than we would image and iterated consistently. We are stronger for these efforts and for investing in others.