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Our Story

This organization was born over 10 years ago after taking an extension on senior year university finals. We are built to support those who want to care for their community but don’t know where to begin. The story of Matters On Tomorrow is the story of those we work with. We build social enterprises, grow leaders and development community. We know the best is yet to come.

What We Offer


Not every nonprofit needs to become a 501c3 right out of the gate. Under Matters On Tomorrow’s fiscal sponsorship you can get your non-profit status and focus on what matters.


With partners and advisors around the world, we’ll put you in touch with mentors who can help you take your nonprofit to the next level.


With Matters On Tomorrow we walk you through the systems, processes, and frameworks for strong execution so you can focus on your passion for your mission and we’ll address the pain points slowing you down.


Through our network of capital partnerships and funders, we’ll help you get your project funded along with clear and simple reporting and auditing baked right in.


Scaling any service means having your branding, messaging and marketing on point. Through Matters On Tomorrow you’ll sort out your name, logos, website, and trademarks so you can focus on your mission and let your story organically spread.


If your nonprofit is still at the “prototype” stage, we can teach and train you how to apply Lean Design techniques to really flesh out your design DNA and create the product or services model for your organization.

Our Mission & Approach

We help amazing people help others. A lot of nonprofits have remarkable ideas, but don’t know where to begin or how to run a business (especially on the administration level). That’s where we thrive – record keeping, accounting, government filings, insurance, and much more. With these foundational supports we help maximize the potential of the social entrepreneurs who work with us; they maintain autonomy and simultaneously have explicit support of our whole Matters on Tomorrow team.

This is not just what we do – this is who we are!

Our Team

We’re translating our professional skill sets to something more than just a paycheck.

Michael Kuzma

Michael Kuzma leads Matters On Tomorrow’s Board and is an attorney at Hilgers Graben, PLLC.

John Tinius

John Tinius sits on the Board, particularly advising on special projects and works for Kiewit Corporation

Ross Pesek

Ross Pesek sits on the Board leading projects in the Omaha, NE area and is the founding attorney at Pesek Law.

Desereé Johnston

Desereé Johnston serves on the Board, overseeing public relations. She works in government.

Ryan Post

Ryan Post sits on the Board leading our government efforts and works for the State of Nebraska.

Scott Lloyd

Scott Lloyd is the Executive Director and works in the technology at Miso.

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