Matters On Tomorrow turned 12 this year. We’ve seen so much creativity and strength in each of our partners over this time but going through 2020 together took it to a new level.

As we all adjusted to the realities of a pandemic there were many discussions and late nights. Figuring out how we would continue to serve our communities and ensure people were not cut off from any support next work.

Dancing Beyond Limits pivoted to meet virtually. Hosting dance parities and classes via zoom. After months at home, it was so much fund to see the much needed energy born out of these activities.

At Sparks 4 Change Rwanda we regularly checked in with our families. With 8 students still in the program, 3 in primary, 4 secondary and 1 in University it was important to see that they had the basics covered, food / shelter / water. We got through the pandemic together and all are headed back to school in the spring.

True Potential did much the same. 19 students in community and state colleges throughout Nebraska. We got them what they needed for remote learning. Checking in often to see that mentally they were staying engaged with their classes and progress on education.

Summer Mission Camp wasn’t able to take their annual trip but remote meetings and efforts to serve their local community in a socially distanced manner was achieved in several different ways. They are hoping for a return to the summer camps in 2021.

Finally, Rabble Mill continues to innovate. The vibrancy of this community always has us in awe. Rabble moved their programing online, hosting classes across the state of Nebraska in art, music, and skateboarding. They saw to the home and mental health off all involved to keep kids connected and engaged. It was beautiful to see what they did.

We are all hoping and praying for an ability to gather like we used to in 2021. But we know how much we can achieve together. Thank you for the support and continuing with us on this journey. We are looking forward to what is possible, dreaming and taking action to make a brighter future.