Spark4ChangeRD29aR02aP01ZL-Grant2aSpark4Change Rwanda is a grassroots movement started to provide Rwanda’s most vulnerable youth with the opportunity to take control of their own and their country’s future.

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Rafiki Callitxe

After suffering through the Rwandan Civil War and the 1994 Rwandan Genocide, Rwanda has shown remarkable progress in its social and economic recovery and development.  While the country is working to position itself to be a center for political activity and economic prosperity, many Rwandans still lack the monetary and educational resources needed to survive. This stark poverty especially impacts the present and future of Rwanda’s youth.

In 2010, Rafiki Callitxe, a native-born Rwandan, called together his friends to address what he saw as the biggest challenge facing Kigali’s youth: financial barriers to formal education were stalling Rwanda’s next generation.  With an entire generation being left behind, Rafiki feared that the children who survived the Rwandan Genocide would not have enough political or business leaders ready to carry Rwanda into the 21st Century.

While school fees in Rwanda are relatively inexpensive by Western standards, the average income is such that it is often impossible to pay the fees past primary school.  A shocking 77% of students in Rwanda do not enroll in secondary school, leaving those spots only for the wealthy, privileged, or lucky.  This issue is truly a matter of social justice.

When Rafiki founded Spark4Change, he asked his friends to help pay school fees for a select number of students.  He then committed himself to provide mentoring for these students to help them take charge of their lives by providing character development training on personal decision-making, integrity, community service and leadership.  These students are supported by financial sponsors in the classroom and mentors outside of school.

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Spark4Change Youth

Currently 15 Rwandan youth (8 girls and 7 boys. 2 are in primary and 13 in secondary school) who would otherwise not have the opportunity to attend school are enrolled and supported by Rafiki’s generous friends.  These are students who were street children or whose families are unable to financially support their education.  Spark4Change is proud that 6 members of its first class of students graduated in 2013, and another 11 graduated in 2014.  Join Rafiki today to ensure that these students, and those who follow, will have the means to finish their education and contribute to their country and beyond.  Spark a change in their lives so their country and the world may follow. We cannot make these impacts without your help!

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