In 2013, Matters On Tomorrow broadened its global reach, adding Spark4Change Rwanda as a Subsidiary.  Since this was the first interaction by MOT with an organization in East Africa, Executive Director Scott Lloyd knew he needed to learn more about development work in the region.  Therefore, in July 2014, Scott spent over three weeks volunteering with Maratha International in Gweru, Zimbabwe.

Matters On Tomorrow is very intentional about those with whom we choose to work. We want to work with and learn from others who don’t just want to “feel good”, but rather those who are dedicated to sustainable development. Marantha International is exactly that–one of the primary builders of churches and schools in the world. To give you an idea of their scale, in 2013 alone, Marantha built 941 buildings in 12 countries, totaling nearly 900,000 square feet! That’s impressive.


Scott had the opportunity to assist with Marantha’s 2014 efforts in Sikam-Bingo, a small village north of Gweru. Scott learned from the seasoned leaders working on the project how the site selection process for the schools operates.  Sustainability is achieved by long-term partnerships between Marantha and the local community that are reinforced by various community commitments to the projects.   Further, Scott witnessed the delicate IMG_4012balance of efficiently managing a wide-scale building project constructed with the resources purchased from the local community.  These important lessons are sure to be incorporated by Matters on Tomorrow and our future projects.

After 25 days, Scott assisted in the construction of 11 classrooms and 1 multipurpose building, utilized by over 600 students! It’s incredible to realize that 600 kids just this year will be impacted by the decision of a few to go and swing a hammer or work a screw-gun for a couple of weeks. Imagine how that compounds over time and how that will change a small community, while impact a nation. This is exactly how Matters On Tomorrow infuses its time and resources— life altering, long-term investments.