At the beginning of the year we worked toward returning to Haiti and continuing our work with our partners at House of Hope. Unfortunately because of scheduling with different group members those plans fell through and we were not able to go.


On August 24 Hurricane Isaac battered Haiti. Thankfully all the children were fine, but much damage was done as the Williamson site had a security wall broken and roof damage. The roof of Trou Baguette orphanage completely blew off, and the mountain community of Duverger had the roof of the school blow off with damage to the buildings.





Because of the generosity of our wonderful donors, MOT was able to contribute within days of knowing what happened. MOT is always poised and ready to respond when needed.

House of Hope now has 67 children in its care and with school starting up on October 1st they are expecting around 400 kids in K-10! WOW, that is amazing! Here at MOT we are thankful to be a part of the awe-inspiring work they are doing Today!