Beds being constructed for orphanage

8 days spent in Haiti

*Worked at three orphanages

*Helped organize seminar for around 50 Haitian pastors held over 2 days

*took supplies to a mountain community

*looked at business ventures that could make the orphanages self-sustaining financially, also held discussions on vocational training that could be done with young adults

Funding was also provided for the constructions of beds for orphans that did not have one and for a variety of supplies. It was an amazing experience to meet and work with many individuals helping their country and those around them. MOT began a relationship with the organization House of Hope (a group that runs 2 orphanages) and will watch for future ways MOT could be involved.



At MOT we focus on a long-term vision. We want to see growth and that doesn’t happen overnight, but it can start today. One of the pastors and community leaders we met in Haiti is David. He is 26 years old, has a wife, a child and makes only $125 a month (not a significant amount even for Haitian standards). David oversees an orphanage, mountain community school and a church. We were inspired by his hard work, kindness and giving nature. David is currently applying for a visa to come to the United States for training and education. MOT has committed to paying for transportation costs to bring him to Nebraska and to help support his stay here so he can gain the tools necessary to not only further himself, but all those he works with in Haiti.