Stephanie Chase, a former Rockette, is the director of Chase the Spirit of Dance in Lincoln, Nebraska and enthusiastically joins DBL with a lifetime of dance experience.  Stephanie serves as the Artistic Director of DBL, bringing creative and challenging choreography to the dancers and instilling passion in our dancers and buddies.

Suzanne Dougherty, founder of DBL, wanted to share her passion for dance with the youth she encountered as a pediatric physical therapist.  She introduced dance to 9 eager young girls in wheelchairs in 2012, several who are still dancing with the troupe.  Now living in Omaha, Suzanne enjoys frequenting both Lincoln and Omaha classes and loves to see how friendships grow out of DBL.

Mikaela Hanson, a former student of Miss Stephanie, shares her passion for dance and expertise as an occupational therapist.  She is the volunteer coordinator for our Lincoln group, helping to ensure safety, success, and participation for all.  Mikaela has a knack for overseeing classes and empowering volunteers to go “beyond” for their dancers.

Ashley Hedden, director of Omaha “Bella” Dance, is a pediatric occupational therapist who has undergone training in both adaptive dance and pediatric yoga.  Ashley enjoys incorporating props and creative movement into class and teaches dancers poise, dance etiquette, and how to shine on stage.

At DBL, we are grateful for all of the volunteers who give graciously of their time to get to know their dancer, support and challenge their dancer, and ensure opportunities to participate in adaptive dance!   Volunteers are students and professionals, aspiring dancers, siblings and friends.  Without our volunteers, this program would not be possible.  To learn more about volunteer opportunities, email