Matters On Tomorrow assisted a local entrepreneur with the expansion of his business. Tyler Mills of TNT Mowing had the opportunity to buy out a competitor, but he did not have the cash on hand or the time to obtain a bank loan for the earnest deposit. After a detailed discussion, we were able to provide a gap loan of $5,000 with 0% interest so Tyler could nearly double his mowing business and quadruple his snow removal business! Here is how the acquisition enhanced his business:

  • Expanded weekly lawn care service from 128 customers to 243 customers
  • Grew from 20 snow and ice removal customers to 94 such customers
    • Of those, 63 are businesses or apartments
  • Broadened future endeavors to include landscaping projects such as the construction of retaining walls, ponds, waterfalls and installation of lighting

We were thrilled to help Tyler and TNT Mowing make this possible.