Guidance to Success Youth Club has been growing and a home for the organization has been needed for some time. We are rejoicing with GtS because help has arrived from those who see the important vision this group is living!

brightersideOrganizationally, MOT has been at the forefront of the effort for GtS to set their policy and procedures. Budgeting and financial operations have been stream lined becoming an important routine. It’s not glamorous but key to any organization being able to scale up and take their next step.

The most exciting news for GtS has come from a company in the community finding a home for the organization. Currently, the Board is in the process of getting the necessary funding, furniture and licenses to make this all a reality. But within a few short months GtS will have their doors open, providing services and support for youth all over Lincoln, NE. The vision is for this to become a second-home for youth to discover the possibilities that lie ahead – helping to guide them on the path for that vision to become a reality.