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Scott Lloyd and Wedley

June 2013 found us back in Haiti with friends we had not seen in over a year, looking towards the future. It was a wonderful journey returning to the orphanage to see all the ecstatic kids and spending time with staff and local leaders.

Matters On Tomorrow and Jacob’s Well Executive Director Mark Thornton have been discussing the next steps with our friends in Haiti for nearly a year now and it was laid on our hearts that working directly with passionate individuals there is where our path is headed.



our local bank

Pastor Gesner

Mark Thornton, Pastor Gesner and Scott Lloyd

On this trip we began to set up our ability to support the community of Montrouis by opening a bank account to provide microfinance loans to the local areas that our partners live and work in. A talented man, Pastor Gesner, is going to help us in seeking out people ready to start a business and will then help us oversee empowering those individuals to succeed.

We anticipate awarding the first 2-3 loans at the end of this year. We will be sure to keep you updated on their progress and hopefully bring you the stories of those we partner with. These loans will have an impact that’s hard for most Americans to understand. This is exactly what Matters On Tomorrow is here for, to see the change we hope for tomorrow, happen today!

If you’d like to take part in this specific effort please email us at:


Here is a 360 view of one of the orphanages: